November 5, 2005

Panelists Session: Non-Profit Web Activities

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 1 at 8:00 am by Angelo Embuldeniya

Chedong is talking about the nonprofit web activities and describes the cnblog experience:

– its hard to set up nonprofit organizations in china
– the legal structure isnt set up for it
– fund raising is also a big problem
– big problem for nonprofits to fundraise, especially on the web
– Chen Zhiwei runs a blog media company (kind of like gawker)

Chedong thanks Zhang Erning

Lao Mao is now taken over the mic and is sharing his experiences:

– He blogs at http://www.uuzone.ocm/blog/mao & moblogs at
– He says that every blog is a person
– the links are “guanxi” – your connections with people
– trackback is communication
– so blogs are a huge social network
– future blogs will be very different that what we have today
– but the main thing is that they will create relationship links and web amongst people

Topku Chan has started delivering his session & now he apologizes bcause he’s Cantonese, he says his mandarin isnt very good.

– hes talking about why companies should care about blogs
– as blogs develop in china society will be =come more and more individualistic so companies will need to diversify their p.r.
– the web is distributed so companies need to have dialogue with networks of users/consumers ets
– companies must communicate with people in their own language
– companies need to learn the art of linking
– they should see what their inbound links are saying about their products
– companies need to be smarter about using google search, tags, rss, links and etc.
– you should look for negative things that bloggers are saying about your product and use it as feedback for improvement, rather than try to control or stop the negative views

Topku talks about 2 points companies need to understand:

– the very nature of p.r. is changing
– keyvoice is bigger than “keyword”
– “keyvoice” is his own invention
– you need to pay attention to the key voices talking about your product



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