November 5, 2005

Second Session (part 1): Blogging Beyond Borders by Rebecca Mackinnon

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Introduction to speaker:
Rebecca Mackinnon was a journalist, with CNN for 10 years
She thinks what the bloggers in china are doing is really important and how the western media portrays china is often not satisfactory to chinese

The understanding of china through blogs

blogs are important to show how chinese are portraying china

We use Global Voice online
Globalvoices online tries to find bloggers from all around to write to gather blogger internationally

She is talking about her experience on GVO

We invited Chinese bloggers to participate and to let us know what is going on with the Chinese blogospere

The usual model is that China bloggers would take information internationlly and translate that and bring back to the Chinese sphere. bloggers outside of china know very little about china.

There is a famous blogger who translates Chinese blogs to English and it’s now a famous blog. ESWN is a blog that translate schinese to english

EastSouthWestNorth is the blog name – Michael Anti’s blog is the subject now
ESWN serves as a bridge blog

A lot of intellectually content is in Chinese
A lot of Westerners do not really know about how Chinese people think

A case in point is the chinese bloggers’ discussion on Japan-related debates

This is the tag she’s talking about:
How Chinese bloggers look at Sino-Japanese relatinoship – there are some people who say that Chinese folks should translate these blogs to facilitate communication with Japan

Like what Isaac said, Blogs should help people to communicate
Let’s start our discussion in Hong Kong and to help deepen understanding

OIWAN will talk about
Going to the panel



*Rebeccas talking to a representative from InMedia* Can you tell us about the case in Hong Kong?

It’s a site banned in hong Kong
no a site banned in PRC
it’s a site from Hong kong, banned in China

Translation is very important. There is the problem of contextualizing the information
seems like a ban
so it’s not just about word-to-word translation. Say for Hong Kong and Taiwan,
a lot of people do not understand Taiwan
so even though our languages are more or less the same
there is still a lot of contextual information we need to form connection
or to foster understanding

InMedia is actively seeking out information to translate
for examples websites like Global Voice
To engage people in conversation, it’s not just about individual effort
It is impossible for one to maintain both Chinese and English websites; though we are more active in looking out for collaboration
to create a platform in Asia
so that not only Chinese, we can also learn more about other Asian countries, Korea, Japan…

Taiwan Speaker: he has founded a online newspaper and another site for blog hosting
The first one was banned in China
For the blog host, there are some problems we faces
we faced for example being banned in China

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