November 5, 2005

Second Session (part 2) : Blogging Beyond Borders by Rebecca

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 1 at 8:13 am by Angelo Embuldeniya

We feel that whenever there is something confrontational between Taiwan and China,they were dismissed

even something we see as conversational online,
they cannot really represent true conservations.




Also when it comes to languages – English is not the big language
we started learning English since a kid
and we understand a lot of western countries lot more than Asia countries
but I think we should start to learn more about countries close to us

Problems about translation: Word-to-word translation is possible, and easy, but once a sentence is formed it is very hard to translate the full meaning
and this is one great problem for us
It took us a lot of effort to Chinese-ize the information available
There is not so many people talking about what they do, but to discuss on what other people have been doing

Functions of the New Media: he feels that during a conference that invited Asia representatives

Skyping now – they are calling a Taiwan guy – Qiao, is on the phone – they are holding a cell phone up to the microphone and listening to him speak (very roughly) but it works

‘I’m now on my way, it’s great that I can help contribute to this conference’

Rebecca: You really need Chinese to communicate with the Chinese
To communcate internationally: 2 problems (1) language
(2) we look at other countries through the lens of the media

InMedia: We looked at the story of TaiShi village through the lens of Guardian
In Hong Kong we don’t really visit the BBS in China
so we ended up understanding the story in English through Western Media

Rebecca: It’s a shame, it should be the other way round

InMedia: It is hard and we understand that language is a problem
we should not force other countries to learn out language
especially when they are having the burden of learning English, say the Philliphines
Say for Africa, they are quite invisible online

Rebecca: I lived in both area (taiwan China)
To resolve issues peacefully, communication is important
can you offer us any solutions?
as we now know that no language alone is a problem?

Taiwan: it’s a beautiful question. In 2002 there were only 100-200 bloggers.
But the experience was refreshing, i learnt that Mainland Chinese are reading our blogs
and vice versa
and we were looking at Japanese blogs together
I feel that these conversations have enriched my understanding culturally
On a technical level I have tried to brush up my skills, so that I can help bridging different cultures together
To facilitate converstaions

Rebecca: there is no boundaries anymore with the advance of the internet. But we still see that there are some.
Do you think there is anyway to override the boundaries
Google the God

Andrew: there a lot of kids in the US are learnign Chinese right nwo
They feel that kids need to learn Chinese because there’s a lot of businesses in China
So it’s imperative that Wikipedia needs to be open in CHina
there is, currently, no equivalent encyclopedia in china

tonight at 7:00 we will have a gathering among the Shanghai/Beijing Wikipedians
You are invited on this

Do you see a trend that blogs can form an organization to promote blogs?
many of us

The guy on the phone has just arrrived! He’s from Taiwan

What is the relationship between blog and the media?

Taiwan representative answering the question: I started by using English to blog
we’d like to learn more about Chinese bloggers are doing

he’s saying: when i first started blogging, i didm
ti don’t think you can’t really say that blogging was designed to have particular influence because afterall it’s an individualized activity
he was lucky that he drew attention from the mainstream media
but he couldn’t comment directly on the relatiionship between the media and blogging as he doesn’t really belong to the media

InMedia: when we blog we have our social agenda
We devided posted by different categories
and by pulling in posts that fall into certain catagories,
you see the collectivity and social aspect of the blogosphere
And this is how we make blogging a collective and interactive activity

Question: English-related – as an ordinary person, In a world that is dominated by English, can we still express ourselves without having to resort to learning English?

Rebecca: good question: is there anyway to assign a tag to certain post
that people think as deserving international attention?
and people can translate that whenever they see there is that certain kind of tags attached to the post?
more or less the Wikipedian way
Once it’s translated, people can access to culture-specific content internationally

Taiwan answer: I will use more picture, photos
I udnerstand pictures and photes are understood differently,
but we can help anchoring the meaning of these data with tags, say on flickr
If I can’t get across information in English, or other languages, I would use photos and tags
Or even when I feel that I’m not professional enough to write something to describe the content
I would use Photos.
In sum I don’ t think you have to use words to convey your ideas
Just like music,
when you’re podcasting,
you can get across the rthym

Another Taiwanese folk:
one picture is worth a thousand words
The only successful case of translation was Disney
we should build up thing collectively
so that it can be fair across-platform

Newspaper representative: We are closely related to the WeMedia,
we intend to build up a website that invites the participations of the readers
I’m sharing my experience here – we feel that content on the internet is vast,
we are also adopting the OpenSource concept
Open source journalism
we do stories ourselves, and we investigate the stories on our own
And we ususally break out the story earlier than conventional media
To adopt the opensource model (developing source)
in digging in news
this should be a new trend in news production

Rebecca: This is a new trend of news production
and actually international media are also adopting this kind of model

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  2. On the subject of English. I have no doubt there are hundreds of English speaking people willing to help polish the blogs of people who want to translate Chinese into English quickly and publish it online. I am retired and have the time to do this sort of thing and I am willing to do it for anyone who needs it. You can reach me at

    The thing that makes newspapers and magazines readable, even in the U.S. is that the stories they publish are read and corrected by an editor. Even the biggest, such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and Newsweek have editors who go over the copy sent to them, from which they rewrite the stories to correct grammar, typos and mistakes. If you are going to put a serious English language publication on the Internet it is essential that you have your copy edited before you publish it. No one will take you seriously if you have too many errors and bad grammar in your publication. This applies to publications in all languages, not just English.

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