November 6, 2005

Blog Presentations of Mak’s Man Machine & CnBlog

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 2 at 5:00 pm by Angelo Embuldeniya

Mak presents his blog: mak’s man&machine interface

He says he went from being amateur to “pro-am” and hopes to become a professional, he used to just blog about himself but after 2000 august he started to meet more bloggers and came to develop a sense of social responsiblity. He gained this sense of social responsibility through writing his blog and he visited a lot of schools in the western part of china.

He shows some photos he took.

Mak’s blog is not only citizen jounalism, but he educates others, educates himself, and is also sociologist.

Here are the pictures he showed:

The next blogger is Chedong (his blog is at ):

Chedong is the CTO of which is a collective blog.

He shows the stats for cnblog:
– An aerage 2-3 thousand visitors per day
– they have much bigger traffic thru rss feeds
– showing referrers
– google and baidu searches make up 30%
– google talk and furong jiejie are the hottest terms

The lessons of doing open source communities in china:
-its definitely a challenge
-people dont always accept your ideas but he hopes more people start such open source communities

He is showing stats now from wikipedia mirror site:
-most visitors coming through baidu
-shows search terms
-all of these stats are public
now showing stats for creative commons china

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  1. number5 said,

    the last guy is Chedong, not cnblog, his blog is at is a collective blog, and chedong is our “CTO” 😉

  2. Thanks number5 🙂

    I’ve corrected the post now to state that ” The next blogger is Chedong (his blog is at ): Chedong is the CTO of which is a collective blog.”

    kudos to you for pointing out the error!


  3. fredoh said,

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