November 6, 2005

Final Session: Selected Bloggers

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 2 at 3:45 pm by Angelo Embuldeniya

Zola is talking now, he is going to read his personal ad on how to change the world:

He wanted to change the world, realized he’s too small, reducing the scale to changing the country, thats also not realistic but must start with changing oneself.

His site is:

He is talking about how his blog is his personal plat form for his own ideas, talking about the friends he has met on the web. He’s showing his own beach photo & the girls are hooting

Zola says his traffic has been fairly high lately but he doesnt want to be like furong jiejie or muzimei. He invites us to go to his website and get in touch with him. zuola says to be a person to document your life helps us to understand our lives.

Showing photos of people he met in xinjiang, a uighur woman he met who took him to a mosque, cool photo of himself and picture of some uighur kids he hung out with in yili in xinjiang.

Philewar – the representative of China version of Slashdot comes up on stage to give a demostration of his creation:

This is the guy who does the chinese slashdot:
He changed the name to

There’s question about what it (solidot) means: they (solidot site admins )said they were going to post something explaining that but its a combination word where “solidus” means “slash”. Philewar created the site with Cathyan.

There’s some comment made on the site aobut how the people keep growign beards. (Philewar has beard). Apparently the site said that these IT people w/ beards look like pirates, so he’s joking that the site is accusing him or issaac of looking like a pirate.



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