November 6, 2005

Presentation by the CEO of

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 2 at 4:30 pm by Angelo Embuldeniya

Hennge – he’s the CEO of Blogbus – is his blog

Hengge says he’ been waiting a long time to finally have a chinese language blog conference. The reason why it has taken so long are the growth of many chinese blog service providers has taken a while. It took a while to get enough support and recognition in order to do a public meeting like this. People have pointed out that his name used to be douyi, not hengge
His real name is Dou Yi. He says that his name comes from a poem. Hengge says it doesnt matter whether a blog is chinese english or whatever, it is a very convenient communication tool.

He’s really happy about this meeting: last night was talking with the editor of “computer weekly”, both agreed it was successful. Theres a reason for this. we’re all bloggers. Yesterday kevin wen was talking about how blogdriver was created. Now one of them works for bokee the other works fo rwiki, they didnt mention bokee in their speech. kevin didnt advertise the fact that he now works for bokee – fact that he focused on blogdriver and didnt advertise bokee was important well Bokee and Blogbus was rivalry in Blog hosting.

Now talking about a photographer’s perspective when it comes to how you set up a photography exhibit – you cant put too many random things in it. Who is china’s most famous blogger? muzimei. why is she not here?

He’s going to a comment somebody left on his blog:

Somebody left him a comment about whether “wangzhi” is correct translation of “blog” and “blogger”. Hengge says hopes that people will give suggestions for better conference next year. He says a reporter asked him why the content of his blog has changed. He’s been trying to keep his blog as a personal space but people still associate his personal blog with his company. He emphasizes he’s here today representing himself, not blogbus CEO, but wants to emphasize something about blog service providers in china, at this point he hasnt seen a really good chinese blogging platform. A lot of the people here have set up their own sites, no chinese blog hosting company is able to really satisfy chinese users needs. This is a problem – people are asking about the competition between different blog service providers but he thinks the competition isnt w/ other different companies but its more a challenge to our internal teams. We are likely all to be developing in different directions. He hopes that every year we can have a blogger meeting like this from now on & hope that can give better service to bloggers.

We always say blog is personal media. Once youve been writing it for a long time it becomes your personal capital. Like isaac said, “our brains are plugged into our computers”. He’s hoping he’ll be able to continue blogging his personal blog and leave his personal legacy on the web.


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