November 6, 2005

Presentation IV: “Web 2.0” by Zhan Bin (Horse)

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 2 at 6:00 pm by Angelo Embuldeniya

Business-related problems associated with web 2.0

The likelihood of which users need to pay for themselves

micro-payment is another important tool for web 2.0 development
-it provides a platform for spontaneous transactions

The Spirits of web 2.0
-To transform ourselves through adopting web 2.0 online
-also about the idea to share and to be open & to be original in blogging

What I’m going to talk next has more relevance to you.

What constitutes the web?
We believe that we are the pillars of the web. think of the case of blogging.
We have blog posts, pictures on delicious, to-dos on 43things, and reviews on Deouban
We use our own information to form the content, posting on our personal pages thus constituting different websites

1.microcontents, 2.personal pages, 3.websites
Leads to: Personal database center, personal portal -> we the web

Users have become important contributors to webcontents, reading list, blogroll and thus making them important and this is why we need to have more users-centered design

Social Relation:

Microcontents: blog, bookmarks, photos, todolists, podcasts

Social relations: individual, kin, friends, classmates, colleagues

How to we structure the vast amount of information of the microcontents?
tags and in particular RSS. Bookmarking is also one of the tool.
Distinction with BBS and the newly-emerged use of SNS Social Network (synthesis?)

Web 2.0 application in entertainment , human resources
We can see that the tools that manage microcontents can be put as tools for information/knowledge where as the way we form social network (group, SNS, community, IMs) belongs more to social network formation. Of course the distinction is not clear-cut . We would talk not just about information, but also the social implications embedded in it. For interpersonal relationship, internet would enlarge our definitions of social structures

Now i would proceed to the most interesting part of the talk
****semantic? Contextual web****

contextual web
Semantic web: contextual web

social relation intergrate into internet
Social relations have completely diffused into the internet sphere
Any person’s post or link has complex semantic relationship.

we have enlarged semantic meanings for the contents online
we would know that there is a living person writing it, and we would know the social relations of this person would that be a PR passage trying to pretend that it’s a neutral blog?

semantic structure
– 1, knowledge
– 2, personal relations

Reading habits: link-driven world. Mutual reinforcement and repetition the linking and semantic web are the main reason why newspapers are threatened, because our reading habits have been completely changed by the web of links example: & also

questions: can the semantic web scale?
also: what is being recorded (saved)?
can look at the relationship between information/content and the time when it appeared, etc.

Horse shows a table showing different services and their usefulness for different kinds of searches
semantic? contextual web… far away…

he now wants to talk about his personal observations about the semantic web
things to watch in social behavior on the web, analyze user behavior

how people manifest their personal identity online
look at how people represent themselves online and how they create their identities
look at social relations online

many people ask about what will the social and political implications be of these changes?
horse thinks that it will be very subtle and slow, bubbling up from the bottom and hard to point at concrete changes initially
creativity, dialogue are key terms

things that are anti-web 2.0
unfair business practices

horse thinks that the government actions arent as threatening
he doesnt think that the law will prevent people from doing most things
more concerned about business practices: spam, copyright laws

the key to protecting web 2.0: let the individual become the “points of light” and protect them
his website

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