November 6, 2005

Presentation V: “RSS” by Lu XinXin

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 2 at 5:45 pm by Angelo Embuldeniya

Adjusting his screen, Lu apologizes for lack of break, bcz he has an appointment
He wants to turn this talk into a social network and make it interactive with other people in the room. He would invite the featured bloggers

Lu Xinxin is now talking
He was the CEO from feedsky, this may be his first time talking about his views on rss in public

He asks if anybody in room doesnt know what rss is.

Lu invites blogger xiao bai, bxy (claims he doesnt like to talk. right.)
He is showing a feedsky feed

Bxy is talking about how dave winer invented rss, he’s a big fan of dave winer (
Dave winer created rss to give every single person a tool

Lu resumes talking
Shows slide of how people interact with microcontent via rss
the path from content creators becoming content receivers

Bxy talks about different and
Do you waste your time clicking through links looking for new content?
but rss is much better because it only pushes you new content
so rss is much more useful than
everybody here are creators of the web
the web is becoming a truly open web, thanks to xml

You dont have to gather all users or creaters in one place in order to see everything you want

Now he’s talking about tags

-social media
-open platform
users self-organizing through tagging

Lu now talking about the rss structure and what its commercial model might be.

Tangos are talking about the value chain in RSS industry:
-statistics of content
-ad in RSS feed
-rss advertisements

Lu xinxin says that outside the commercial model there are undoubtedly many more applications of rss that we haven’t yet thought of.

Now he’s talking aobut how rss will impact various professions
example: education

Teacher can set up students with ress readers then send out everything the students need from the lecture materials and so forth via rss feed.

He is asking zhuang xiuli to talk
She is talking about how she introduces rss to teachers in her own clas, every student has a class and she subscribes to rss feeds of all of them
RSS is a great way for teachers to get to know students better in big classes theres little opportunity for face to face interaction.
kids can hold class discussion on blogs, facilitated through rss

Lu xinxin now talking about use of rss within companies as way for people to keep on top of each others’ info. Now talking about the future of rss. Lu invites famous blogger from guangxi. (

Ken is talking:
-he says blog is like island.
-it generates rss, like small tree saplings

So you need to search to find out what fruits you want to pick but that takes a lot of time. so a lot of tools help us create our own personal orchards from what we want
Then as we enjoy these fruits we will have new ideas and reactions, leading us to create new content which becomes new seedlings, and the cycle is repeated,so its an endless cycle of dissipation and aggregation

-(the tao of rss)
-(tao of the web..)

Lu xinxin says that identity is now determined by people’s urls

now talking about rss and copyright issues
invites xba (

xba talking:
when youre putting out rss feeds you’re not retaining all rights or pepole cant use your rss
theres a lot of debate about copyright and rss (talking about lawrence lessig)

talking about the creative commons license giving non-comercial attribution license
question of whether the license should be for attribution all rights reserved, or for atribution non-commercial
some people subscribing to rss cant see license
so they cant say they’re violating copyright
so if you want people to know your license it needs to be written into each piece of content

atom format enables license to be written into each piece of content
flickr allows you to pick license
anyway this is a really really complex issue

Under current conditions: he suggests you might need to attach license to each piece of content if you’re really concerned about usage of your content

Luxinxin says its not clear who first brought rss to china
-may have been zheng.
-would like zheng to write more on his blog about how that happened
-rss in china: seems to be in very early stage of development

He shows graphic from Feedsky
His company which is tracking chinese feeds
rss will develop very quickly in china just like in rest of the world

When he says he is doing site about feeds people ask him if hes’ doing a food site
He invites herock to talk

Herock says: under current circumstances theres no commercial application for rss, A lot of people have rss feeds on their blogs and dont even know. Talks about sohu blogs, doesnt like them. People need to pay attention to details. Lu says he’s worried that companies will mess up rss w/ commercial apps.

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  1. web2 said,

    I’m Tangos from Incomplete, in fact, what I talked in this speech is about the value chain in RSS industry, instead of “how lots of mainstream media are creating rss feeds of their content”.

    I’m not sure whether you would be interested in being a contributor of our China web2.0 Review Blog (, if so, you can drop me an email at tangoschan AT gmail. Thanks.

  2. Hi Tangos!

    Am sorry about the error regarding your session, I’ve corrected the blog posting now. I belive it might have been an error from one of the translators at the SocialBrain/Global Voices IRC channel or maybe they got mixed up with one of the other speakers’ topics, my appologies about that. Looking forward to contributing to web 2.0 🙂


  3. bxy said,

    Yes, I am a big fan of Dave Winer. After listening to all his podcast (a lot to catch up) in the past 4 weeks (almost 3 gigabyte data), I found him THE TRUE BLOGGER. Not saying other are untrue, but the blogger spirit is individual empowerement. He invented to tool to empwoer individuals. He values individuals. I endorse his view on blog, rss, rss and business, because: we are not going back!

    Morning Coffee Note is a gem! Go over all the stuff and you are a different person. Hehe.

  4. herock said,

    I said soho?报( Sohu Blog,please.

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