November 6, 2005

Seminar Discussion: “Tags/Folksonomy” Moderated by Jack

Posted in CBC 2005 - Day 2 at 4:00 pm by Angelo Embuldeniya

Jack is here to discuss tagging with other panelists of the session “tags/Folksonomy:

Jack introduces panelists as xx, zhangyang, chenxuer, zhaozhan, liu pingyang
& #6 & each panelist given an intro to themselves.

Liu is doing a chinese version of flickr

Jack is asking the audience what tag people would give him: like “skinny”, “blogger”?

He asks who would think of “handsome?” everybody laughs…

So jack is explaining how tags work as a way that people add their perspective and definition to a thing or person. Asking the panel to talk about when they first became interested in tags:

-liu (#6) says he first became aware of tagging in april 2005 and came to see how useful tags are. They’re a kind of network, a method, and a model.
-#5 says the use of tags has a few key points:
-its related to information

microphone having problems – make it really really hard to understand

-chen xuer: why are tags so imporatnt? he thinks they’re a really fabulous way to organize and share info. Talks about how people have been tagging (labelling) things throughout history. Tagging is the interface between computer and person when it comes to organizing and finding information. Its like a very low tech tool – the nail. If you went to remember something you nail it to the wall. Thinking a lot about tags. Talking about the cnbloggercon tag. how we are all connected through microcontent.

-zhang yang talking now”
“microfunction” – his new term
Its the way you connect microcontent together, he hopes that people can use things like tags to connect bits of microcontent together.

Now talking about socialnetworks: we now have a lot of new technologies like rss, tagging and so forth, talking about question of how people use information, whether people get too assailed with information. Thinks somebody should do a chinese version of technorati. Talking about how he tags things and about ebay and how he would tag news about ebay.

-Liu says his service is meant to help people use tags better.

Questions & Answers Session:

People have to go to podium because hand mikes are not working.

Guy is talking about the mobile phone search service, now tagging makes it even easier to find things. Talking about the difference between categories and tags.

Reason why tags emerged: computers have no feelings. Tags reflect people’s personalities, experiences, and relationsihps. Quoting josh schachter of on “how tags are useful”. Because its useful for him to find stuff he wants to remember – so its also usefu for others. But the most important thing is that tags help us add our emotions and experiences and relationships to a piece of content. If all 1.3 billion people tag jack 90% will use certain common tags. Tags are free.

People have their own personal impression of things but we all share certain perceptions.

Debate continues.:

-Zhao Yang thinks that free use of tags will create chaos, he believes that tagging needs to be professionalized. Tag may be chaotic but no more chaotic than keywords. Seehaha videoblogger gives views on tags. When he burns cd’s he has to give each of them a label. Categories and tags are not contradictory. Tags help you find things better.

Final comment: tags may seem really chaotic and crazy but out of the chaos comes the diversity of this universem tag gives humanity to information.

-chen xuer: tags bring humanity to the web. people can use tags to help make it more human everyday.

Hopes people will tag all of their information, so it can be better shared and found. Maybe there will be a better thing than tags eventually but they are useful now. Hopes the chinese can create an open api for tagging.


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