About CBC 2005

Welcome to the 1st Chinese Blogger Conference!

The Chinese Blogger Conference 2005 (from the GVO blog posting by Frank Dai) is being held from Nov.5 to 6 in Shanghai, China. Chinese Bloggers are very enthusiastic at the first-ever meeting with their online friends. Many of them are already in Shanghai, where the conference located. They would discuss a wide range of issues such as Blog, Podcast and RSS etc. Also the director of Glocal Voices Online, Rebecca MacKinnon would be also on this occasion, moderating a panel called “Blogging Across Borders?.

For people who are interested in Chinese Blogosphere but unable to reach the scene, the conference provides many online approaches for participation:

Live Video Broadcast: Cam 1 | Cam 2 (by Sehaha) | Cam 3 (by CnBlog)-needs Flash player

Live Audio Broadcast: Mandarin/Cantonese – needs Realplayer/Realone

Live IRC Chat Broadcast: Mandarin/Cantonese Room | English Room (For IRC tutorial here)

Live Blogging (in English): CBC2005-Live on Blogspot / Proxy | CBC 2005 on WordPress
Skype: Special Conference Room

Feeds: RSS-1, RSS-2 & Atom (english) | VLogging (Mandarin) | Flickr

Technorati Tags: cnbloggercon, 中文网志年会, CBC2005

Google Group: CnBloggerCon Group
Official Blog: Chinese Blogger Conference 2005

For Further Details:
Conference Schedule
Introduction to some Speakers and Panelists
Invited Bloggers
Local Weather

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